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Respect = Sustainability = Health = Longevity

For generations and the most part of ancient societies, legumes have been the source of essential nutrition and nutriments. Legumes can literally replace any meal and provide humans with protein, fiber and veggies in a single serving. With today’s technology and industry knowhow Bentilia© has converted simple lentils and beans into a pasta form. Using a single ingredient and no binder, Bentilia© pasta provides consumers with a quick and easy solution to the healthiest meatless meal possible.

The birth of Bentilia© lentil and bean pasta is based on simple fundamental thinking passed down to the founder by his forefathers. Ongoing “learning”, “compassion”, “generosity”, "respect for life and body” "sustainability and environment”, “tolerance” and “integrity”, is the resonating wisdom that drives and motivates the founder today. As a young man he challenged these ideations with a righteous attitude, questioning and experimenting with his own virtues and thoughts only to come full circle, eventually seeing the light passed down by his parents and grandparents.

Realizing that his forefathers were so right, and that he did not need to reinvent the wheel, he created Bentilia©, a product and company with century old values and ethics.

Health and Good Living.

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